Experience the European Region of Gastronomy Awarded Region, pure nature and local food on a plate.

Welcome to the province of North Savo and Kuopio. The table is set.

The European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio offers tasty travels on th theme of gastronomy and food, delicious events and activities that will tickle the taste buds of tourists, and are suitable for both individual travellers and groups. The overriding theme is foraging and living according to nature's rhythm, pure nature and pure ingredients on a plate. ​ Foodtravel activities include tastings, cooking courses, workshops, culinary tour packages, heritage, art and culture and food festivals. Suitable products and services for groups are being developed throughout the the years 2020 and 2021 with the aim of keeping services available afterwards as well.

Taste is an adventure. In Lakeland, North Savo, Finland, there is a place where the local people and food producers have understood something special about the good taste. Authenticity, joy and appreciation for the good life are reflected in the city’s street scene and in the whole area. Pure and high-quality ingredients are served by fields, forests and lakes nearby.  The regional food culture and the Finnish way of life are tasted and displayed on the plate, tickling the taste buds.

In addition to urban experience, events and attractions, the city of Kuopio provides tourists with unique, hearty local food that you have never tasted before.  Actually, Kuopio has the most restaurants in Finland in terms of population. 

In North Savo, food trends of the world are intertwined with local products.  Different microclimates in the area ensure food producers safe harvests from the lake to forests, fields and gardens. A relationship between food producers and their customers is unique and casual.  In Savonian culture, a wild and happy taste is an expression of care. So as a secret ingredient, we add a touch of character to it. This combination of emotions and tastes offers a special journey into the depths of food culture. Whether you are in nature, at events, restaurants or other cultural sites, the four seasons provide exotic, authentic and nuanced experiences.

On Savonian soil, Mother Nature favors a curious traveller.  Freedom to roam, to adventure and finding serenity are the forces of nature.  All four seasons offer a variety of activities and experiences.  Going back to the basics acts as a recharging journey. Living in balance with the rhythm of nature. To bond with it. Natural delicacies serve your favorite flavors of pure ingredients. Reconnect with food and its origins again.  Feel the character of nature. Welcome to North Savo. Taste is everything. #europeanregionofgastronomy

Most updated information on the programme you'll get on Taste Savo website, Kuopio-Tahko website and following us on social media #tastesavo.