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    Kuopio Region
    Local Food & Restaurants

    North Savo and Kuopio is Europe's tastiest region in 2020-2021! Within a radius of 100 km from Kuopio city centre, you'll find many good quality restaurants favouring local produce in their kitchens ready to offer culinary experiences even to the most demanding foodies. READ MORE

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    In Cooperation with
    Educational Institutions

    Educational institutions in the Kuopio region play an important role in developing the region's gastronomic activities. Close cooperation and exchange of knowledge between academic experts, teachers and actors in both the public and third sectors plays a key role in the development of gastronomy in the region. READ MORE

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    Straight from the Producer 

    The REKO (Rejäl konsumtion – Reilua kuluttamista – Fair consumption) model for selling local food enables consumers to order food directly from local producers. REKO rings operate via Facebook as closed groups where orders are placed and deliveries arranged.   READ MORE

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    From Field
    to Table 

    The best-known foods from North Savo are cheeses, berry juices and fish, meat and vegetable products. Organic and local food production in the region has increased greatly.  READ MORE

A modern and diverse gastronomic region

The European Region of Gastronomy Award for Kuopio and North Savo is based, on the one hand, on strong food production and reliable availability of raw ingredients, whether foraged or cultivated, and on the other hand, on the high standard of restaurants in the region and the culinary heritage of Eastern Finland.

According to the vision of the rural programme, North Savo will be a nationally and internationally recognised gastronomic region in 2020. Food production and processing will be eco-efficient. This goal rests on the region's strong dairy and meat production, in addition to which a significant proportion of the country's berries, especially strawberries, are produced within the region. Milk production is based on a strong tradition and modern technology; dairy farms have invested in improving production and increasing efficiency. There are major dairy processing plants in the region, such as Valio's plants in Lapinlahti and the Maitomaa Dairy in Suonenjoki. The strength of our food production is purity and safety.

The development of a food cluster in North Savo is supported by a diverse education, research and innovation network. The network is activated through product development serving low-threshold businesses. Wide-ranging education is also one of the region's trump cards since actors in the creative sector, dance and music teachers are also trained in Kuopio.

The Kuopio region and North Savo has become a modern, diverse gastronomic region that respects traditions. The region's numerous artisanal primary producers supply high-quality and distinctive raw materials that regional restaurants and food companies process into delicious taste experiences.

The surrounding countryside provides a natural resource with regard to both the way of life and environmental values. Although tourism and multiculturalism have for decades brought new tastes and colours to Finnish cuisine, regional ingredients still form the basis of food preparation. The pure food of North Savo and the experiences associated with it provide a good cross-section of what the region can offer tourists.